Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahuti

  1. The Purpose of Lord Kapila's Advent id2
  2. The Transcendental Matter and Supreme Yogi id4
  3. How to Understand the Lord's Activities id6
  4. Approaching a Bona Fide Guru id8
  5. Lord Kapila Takes Charge of His Mother, Devahuti id10
  6. Devahuti Desires Transcendental Knowledge id13
  7. Lord Kapila Begins to Explain Self-realization id19
  8. Bhakti-yoga: The Supreme Yoga System id22
  9. Purifying the Mind for Self-realization id24
  10. Spiritual Attachment and Material Detachment id28
  11. The Symptoms of a Sadhu id32
  12. Association with the Supreme Lord Through Hearing id37
  13. Perfect Knowledge Through Surrender id40
  14. Bhakti as Ultimate Liberation id44
  15. Meditation on the Lord's Transcendental Form id48
  16. The Pure Devotees' Spiritual Opulences id52
  17. Taking Shelter of Krsna, the Supreme Controller id56
  18. Devotional Service: The Final Perfection id59