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Even little goes a long way

  • The costs to run this website is miniscule, considering its possible outreach and impact.
  • Our budget is currently less than $5,000 per year, imagine running a big press with that!

What we could do with more

  • Outsource development to get advanced search functionality on par with VedaBase.
  • Hire an expert to set up a failover server system with backup servers around the world.

What we're gonna do with less

  • Keep churning to get to the nectar of devotional service. Improve our chanting. Surrender.
  • Take odd jobs to raise required funding. Development will suffer, but the Press must go on.

The spiritual sky is the only limit

  • Increase full-time staff to include content editors and teachers for educational courses.
  • 24-hour staffed online chat service to answer questions from the public via the website.

Do or donate—that is the question

  • As much as we are in need of monetary support, we also need help to build this website.
  • This service isn’t only for a few fortunate bhaktas, but rather a collective community one.