Letter to: Vrindaban Chandra De

Vrindaban Chandra De
April 21

Sriman Vrindaban Chandra De,
Vrinda Book Co.,
30/1B, College Row,
Calcutta-700-009, W. Bengal

197 Danks St., Albert Park,
Melbourne, Australia

My dear Vrindaban,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 14 April, 1976, and I have noted the contents with care. By this time you must have received my letter dated April 13, 1976, along with the enclosed copy of letter verifying that the F.D.R. should still be lying with the Punjab National Bank. Now you can enquire further and they must search it out. Kindly keep me informed in this matter.

It is very good that you have sold Burdwan University the order of books. Now go on securing orders. I will give you all facility that you require. I have already written you that I will advance you money for your propaganda work, but you must give me order for at least double the amount that you take advance from me. This is the equivalent of 50% commission on all sales. In regards to opening the Bombay branch, it is not immediately necessary. It can wait until later as I am presently in Australia and when I return in 4 months time, we can further discuss this proposal. Concerning the tour of Orissa, for the time being you have got sufficient funds for Orissa, and when you come back I shall advance you further money. In the meantime, I am advising the Central Bank to pay you something from the month of May. The copy of the letter is enclosed herein.

Give me report of what business you are securing every month, just as you have reported as your report has engladdened me. So try to secure orders for Rs. 5,000/- each month and you shall know that your business is successful and you are lucky. So there will be no scarcity for your travel but the principle must be maintained that whatever you take in advance must be repaid double in terms of your orders.

I wish to suggest a method to you as follows: you go on posting leaflets regularly at least daily 100 to the addresses of respectable gentlemen taking from an authorized mailing list or else from the telephone book. After a week from the posting date you can ask the gentlemen by phone as follows: “Sir, we have sent you one pamphlet about our books now I wish to show you the books personally. If you give me some time I can go with the books personally without any obligation on your part. Simply I want to show you.” So if you get the appointment with the gentlemen, inspired you go there and do the needful. I hope that this process will help you get so many orders from respectable gentlemen.

The matter of Mr. S.N. Poddar has been referred to Gopal Krishna das Adhikari, and he will write to Mr. Poddar and send you a copy of his reply. Gopal Krishna will attend to this matter and send you a copy of Mr. Poddar’s reply accordingly.

Keep the Punjab National Bank passbook with you and when I return I shall collect the same from you. Actually, I have the passbook with me in Bombay. I reported it as missing but that is really with me in Bombay.

I hope that this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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