Room Conversation with Indian Guests

Room Conversation
May 20

Indian man (1): [Hindi]

Prabhupāda: Hmm?

Indian man (1): [Hindi conversation] This matter can be taken up with the authorities. [Hindi]

Indian man (2): There must be exception.

Indian man (1): I don’t think. The matter leaves… [Hindi] It has to be pursued by…

Prabhupāda: [Hindi] [Hindi conversation]

Indian man (1): Everybody’s unsure about himself.

Indian man (2): Only the government has power.

Indian man (1): [Hindi] [Hindi conversation with scattered English] …a long time after this, when the things have just settled down. Then this matter can be taken up… [Hindi] …people may dislike it… [Hindi]

Indian man (2): This is matter of pride. [Hindi] They have got faith in the mission, then it must be left fully to serve the mission. [Hindi conversation with scattered English about getting permission for devotees to stay]

Prabhupāda: [Hindi conversation] [long pause, bells ringing in background] [break] [end]

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